Ayutthaya Guide

Ayutthaya was the old Thai capital and is bursting with temples and ruins. Sound a bit boring for the little ones? Well, we're sure they can be tempted...

.. they'll be happy to discover that it is also famous for a very sweet dessert known as roti sai mai (pronounced say may). This is a rainbow coloured spun sugar wrapped in thin rice pancakes. Great fun to eat - and it tastes just like candy floss!

Day trip to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is around 40 miles north of Bangkok, so it makes a great day trip. It takes around two hours on the train from central Bangkok, but you can get there by train, bus, taxi or boat. Once you get to Ayutthaya you can get around by Songthaew or tuk tuk. You could do an action-packed round trip: up on the train, round the city on bikes, then come back on the river. A little adventurer's ideal day out! (visit: or – British owned company).

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Temple Ruins

There are so many temple ruins in Ayutthaya so map out the ones you want to see and then hire a tuk tuk driver for the day to take you round. It really takes the stress out of getting around and is a bit of fun for the children inbetween temples - beep beep!

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Tiny Tip: Please do not be tempted to take a picture with your head close to a Buddha's head and definitely not in place of one (there are many decapitated statues around the ruins). To the Thai people it is very disrespectful and can be punished harshly by their Laws. 

Floating market

If you've got a few days in the Old Capital, visit the floating market. It's only there at the weekend and is very touristy, but fun for the children to see (as with everything get there early).

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Bang Sai arts and crafts centre

This This is also worth a look around. The museum gallery may not be for the littlies, but there are plenty of other things to capture their imagination. There are gardens, an aviary, an aquarium and a replica of a traditional Thai Village selling various traditional foods and Thai crafts - Yay!

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Tiny Tip: Visit Bang Sai arts and crafts centre during the week as you'll normally get the entire complex to yourself! At the weekend prepare for it to be busy.