Mini Munchies - Malaysia & Singapore

 Enjoy the delicious food from around Malaysia and Singapore!

With satay, Roti and curries served on a banana leaf no one will be going hungry on this holiday!

A short guide on what to order for your children (just while you find your feet!):


Delicious chicken or pork satay!


Littlie Factor : Food on a stick!

Banana Leaf Rice

Rice served with a variety of condiments.


Littlie Factor: Served on a giant leaf!For your little hungry caterpillar!


Roti is a grilled flatbread that can be eaten with sweet or savoury


Littlie Factor: Simple and delicious, no strong flavours here!

Ice Kachang

Shaved ice with jelly pieces, red beans, differnt sauces are poured on and topped off with coconut milk!


Littlie Factor: Sweet puds! No tempting required! Dig In!


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