Lombok & Gili Islands Guide

Make the hop from Bali to the turquoise paradise and coral beauty of these islands.

Make the hop from Bali to the turquoise paradise and coral beauty of these islands.Probably one of the most exciting things about getting to the Gili Islands or Gili Trawangan in particular, a quick flight to Mataram, Lombok’s capital then a short drive through Lombok to pick up a boat out to the islands.The roads are lined with monkeys, going about their daily business and watching us humans rushing around the place (with bemused looks on their faces). The drive is definitely not dull, Lombok like the rest of Bali has beautiful flora and fauna but then you jump on a fast or slow boat and you are in the tropical heaven that is the Gili Islands.

The island of Lombok...

Sandwiched between Bali and The Gili Islands: Whilst devoid of all the usual kiddy distractions, malls, waterparks, zoo etc. Lombok Island is home to some stunning natural beauty such as Mount Rinjani, its beaches and the ever entertaining monkeys. With some lovely beachside resorts, this can be a fun, possibly more laid-back option for families wanting to escape the crowds in Bali.Lombok is a good option for those parents choosing to island hop the Gili Islands whilst getting their kip in the more kid-friendly resorts on Lombok.

Which Family Pod?  Squidgy baby; Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Make sure your little monkeys, monkey spot the Lombok monkeys from afar, they are wild and can be mighty aggressive.

Globe trotting families adore The Gili's...

Fancy Truly a one-off, these 3 stunning little coral islands, 2 hrs from Lombok by speedboat, are tropical barefoot fun, an alternative family holiday destination.Think, tiny little islands, with bath-tub warm seas, safe white sands surrounded by stunning coral reef.


Each island is simply a blue speck in the ocean, consisting of a very friendly villages, no motorised vehicles (just horse and cart taxi) great eateries, diving centres and shops.


Gili Trawangan, has moved on from bohemian tropical party destination of the 90's to a grown-up more sophisticated island retreat. Flop down and let the kids loose. They can't go far!


Gili Air, closest to Lombok, is a mid-way point between the more touristic Trawangan and the Robinson Crusoe setting that is Gili Meno.With kids in tow would advise staying in one of the fab places to stay in Gili Trawangan and take trips out to the neighbouring islands.

Which Family Pod? Squidgy baby; Toddling around; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: If you have a littlie in tow who is keen to toddle off and throw themselves into a pool, then Karma is not the most relaxing place for lunch. Probably best to stick to the baby friendly bay.

Meno Turtle Sanctuary, or Boulong's Turtles....

Running between the island of Lombok and Bali, The Wallace Line is the meeting of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. A great number and variety of turtles are found visiting this part of the world, from as far away as Mexico and South America, due to the meeting of theses two great bodies of water and the various ocean currents within with the turtles swim. (Source: Boulong's Turtle Website)Visit the owner, Boulong's turtle nursery, great little rock pools filled with baby turtles, he nurtures them until they are 8 months old. A fantastic effort by one man to help save Gili's turtles and a fun tropical trip out.

Tiny Tip: If Speed boats, ferries and outriggers are available for rental, use reputable companies like Bluewater Express for the speed boat services.

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