Candidasa Guide

 East Bali highlands and coasts, perfect for the adventurous family. 

The knockout natural beauty this Indonesian province is known for remains largely intact.

Candidasa is now a fully blown tourist centre ...

With an abundance of accommodation and restaurants: probably not our first choice, but an ideal base for our energetic explorers...Scaling Mount Agung: For those with slightly older adventurous kids used to walking and climbing. At 3,142 m, Mount Agung is the highest and most active volcano in Bali. When it last erupted in 1963, rivers of lava came within meters of Besakih, the island's largest temple complex. Balinese flock to Besakih during Galungan to pray for the victory of dharma (good) over adharma (evil) and leave flowers, yellow rice and other traditional offerings. Besakih is also the start of one of three routes used to scale Mount Agung. It incorporates an overnight stay in a tent with the final leg traversed on all fours. This really is for the adventurous family...

Which Family Pod? Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: An easier route, tackling the mountain's southern peak, departs from Pasar Agung, a temple not far from the village of Selat. Discovered by master guide Wayan Wiji Yasa, tel: (62) 8523 7250 607, the route requires three to four hours to reach the summit. Views look into the crater and over at Mount Rinjani, the highest volcano on Lombok, Bali's sister island..

The sacred Amed

Known as Bali’s most idyllic spot for snorkelling: Little ones old enough to enjoy snorkeling will be astonished. Stunning colours and marine life right in front of their eyes and easy to get access to.The beautiful Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach) stands in contrast to the black volcanic beaches that typify Bali's East coasts — an angel among demons. Bookended by dramatic limestone cliffs, it is a coconut-lined half-moon bay and the stuff tropical-island postcards are made of.Access is restricted by a heavily rutted track or a half-hour boat ride from Alam Asmara Dive Resort & Spa  in nearby Candidasa. That's kept development blissfully at bay, though a row of cafés squatting on the middle of the beach could be a taste of what's to come.

Tiny Tip:When calm, the water here is a glistening turquoise millpond that really is a delight to set eyes on and swim in. But the water can also get quite rough and there is a drop-off, so be especially vigilant with kids in tow.

Sidemen a dreamlike village...

Hidden within the velvet green rice terraces of the Sidemen Valley, Sidemen is a haven for peace and introspection. Peace and introspection and toddlers and babes! I don’t think so… but worth knowing about all the same..

Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah (The bat cave) - One of Bali’s most famous caves and situated in a temple courtyard inhabited by thousands of bats. Its very stinky so hold your nose in this fascinating crazy place. The cave itself is the most holy in Bali and is said to be home of a dragon named Naga Basuki. Older kids might find the idea of a dragon exciting. Mine would probably be terrified! Be warned the hawkers and stall holders can be pretty aggressive we would suggest not engaging with them at all unless you really want to purchase something.

Which Family Pod? Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Be warned the hawkers and stall holders can be pretty aggressive we would suggest not engaging with them at all unless you really want to purchase something.

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