Which Family Pod?

One of the most frustrating things for a family on holiday is being told the hotel is suitable for children, only to find that this means it has a travel cot available and not much else!

Not much use to you and your bored four year old! And of course every family is different. My family has two children eighteen months apart so I needed holidays that were suitable for both. It needed to amuse a three year old and also have baby safe areas for my crawling, curious baby! 


For example; I would like a splash pool for baby and a safe pool with a small slide for my energetic three year old boy. Now my children are older, 4 years old and 6 years old, I want a place that has a decent sized shallow pool that they can play and swim safely in for hours! As they are older I am not too bothered about if the Hotel has a children's menu but a couple of years ago this would have been a must.


We understand that as you and your family grow and evolve so do your needs and wants and the sort of holiday you may consider one year could completely change the following year. We know from experience that one size does not fit all! Therefore with all of our Hotel and Destinations information we try to give you a general guide as to which families the Hotel and the destinations might suit. You know your family best some children will spend hours in the pool, some cannot stand the beach! 

Armed with your own personal knowledge of what your family likes and our Tiny Tips and family pod pointers, choosing your holiday should be a breeze! 

What's your pod?

Our family pods are a simple way to search for hotels and destinations that are ideal for your family


Squidgy Baby (0-1 Year)
A little bundle of cuteness!


Toddling Around (1-3 Years)
A mobile mischief maker


Energetic Explorers (4-7 Years)
Fully mobile and fully loaded with funny questions about anything and everything! 


A Good All Rounder (0-7 Years)
This is used when a Hotel is suitable for a variety of ages!



2's Company (For the young and young at heart!)
For you romantic couples!

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