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I don't think of myself as an expert, just a  travel savvy mum with a passion for this beautiful part of the world...

Based in Hong Kong with with my husband and children . I have lived and traveled extensively in South East Asia. Having lived in Hong Kong and Thailand. I am really keen to share my knowledge , and to learn your best finds too, so all families can benefit from local knowledge!

Frustrated mums?

My website was created after many a frustrating search online to find unique South East Asian accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Beach Shacks, Islands, Home stays) tailored to the needs of my family.

I believe that with the right, up to date information at your finger tips you can create the perfect family trip; and possibly head somewhere that may not have been on your radar before now. 

I also know that it takes more than a cot in the room or a kids club to make a memorable family holiday. It’s often the little things that can make or break a stay. 


Little things that can break a stay ...

Ah, I remember beautiful billowy muslin curtains on one trip. Perfect for honeymooners, but not so great when it comes to settling a baby. Not so baby friendly after all. 

I have been to bohemian-chic baby-friendly retreats. Stunning, but with deafening squeaky floors, no good for a successful put to bed escape. 

But there are a few gems out there. You’ve just got to know where to look. 


Little things that can make a stay ...

Pools: Obvious I know, but it never ceases to amaze me the difference a small, secluded, shady nook with waist deep water can make to the comfort of your family holiday (especially those with testing toddlers in tow). 

Service: It's that 'go the extra mile' service that we’re on the look out for. Sending the kids off with hotel staff to build a pirate ship on a white sand beach...unforgettable. 


Boring but essential

The site will also help you with some of the not so exciting, but essential, bits of information (e.g is there really a decent doctor near the hotel?). 

How about airports? We are there to guide you beyond the departure desk. It’s true: airports can be fun. Honest. You’ll be surprised at some of the facilities on offer, even better if you go with the information to hand. 


Come on in and meet the family

The social area of our site ‘mum’s the word’ means we are in touch with other mum’s traveling and living in SE Asia. This means we can make sure we have a constant flow of up-to-date information. 






Jane Waterman


A mum to two lovely littlies. I have lived in Thailand and now Hong Kong, and my love and interest for all things Asia is still growing!  I want relaxation and fun but I don’t want to be trekking too far to find it! 

With a background in design and decorative art, I like places to look good. This doesn’t necessarily mean plush. Simple can be just as beautiful. I am all about the detail: small things make the biggest difference, especially with children in tow! 

Holidays are family time and they have to be right. My husband (who is a surfer) is always on a quest to find ‘that perfect wave’ and I am on a quest to find the perfect beach hut/ hotel/ guest house/ service/ child friendliness/ pool/ food. The list goes on, and on... and on. And as I find these elusive places you’ll be the first to know! My husband, however, will be keeping his secret surf spots to himself.

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