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Kanchanaburi is just a couple of hours west of Bangkok. It is a small town eternalised by the film 'The Bridge over the river Kwai'. For such a small town it has a lot of history and is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Erawan Falls

One of the main reason to head to this area is to see the Erawan waterfalls. These are a series of waterfalls around an hour and a half from Kanchanaburi. There are seven in total but you can just do the first couple with the children. You can swim in the pools beneath the waterfalls or just dip your toes in where little fish will come and nibble your toes! A very strange experience but one I’m sure will have little children (and adults) in fits of giggles.




Tiny Tip: It is best to visit during the week as it can get very crowded at the weekends. Don't forget your insect spray!

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Kanchanaburi Town

This is a small town with a haunting history: Smaller children are too young for the museums here as they tell the harrowing story of the men who lost their lives building the Thai/Burma Railway. It is a small town but you can spend a couple of days here. Bikes are readily available to hire so a cycle around the town along to the river is a lovely thing to do with the children in tow. Take the short railway trip just over the bridge (literally a few minutes). There is also a longer train trip that takes around two hours (this can get very hot and it's not too comfy!). You can also walk along the bridge but I would not do this with the little ones as there are gaps, some parts do not have safety rails, and you have to step onto viewing platforms to dodge the slow moving trains. It might be better to just grab lunch at the riverside restaurant to the side of the bridge.  The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside and a river to explore so it is very laid back. So, if you fancy getting out of the madness of Bangkok for a couple of days, this could be just what the doctor ordered!

Which Family Pod?  Squidgy baby ; Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

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