Kowloon Guide

Often described as Hong Kong's ugly sister! This is not the case, ok it is not full of glitzy Malls and slick sky scrapers, but Kowloon has character in abundance....

The 'real' Hong Kong with plenty of markets, and small streets to explore. Brilliant museums and a beautiful park, dip your toe into the dark side!

Explore Kowloon...

Take a look around the less polished side of Hong Kong:


Tsim Sha Tsui (TST): The main tourist area on the tip of the Kowloon peninsula. There is a lot to discover here from restaurants, shopping, hotels and amazing Museums. As well as a park complete with swimming pools! It is also where you can catch the famous Star Ferry to Central or Wan Chai.


Mong Kok: Good for a wander around to see bustling markets . With all its unusual sights and smells! Walk around the Flower Market, Fa Yeun Street Market and The Ladies Market you could bag yourself a bargain!


Jordan and Yau Ma Tei: The home of the famous Temple Street Night Market.

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Tiny Tip: If you are planning a walk around the markets, go to the Flower Market first the other Markets will not open until around 11AM. Avoid the Markets at the Weekend, unless you are prepared to be swept along with crowds of people!

Kowloon Park

A Large Park in the middle of TST.  There is so much for a family to do you here you could easily spend an entire day just exploring all it has to offer. It is suitable for all ages. If you enter through the MTR 'TST' Entrance you can stop near the entrance for toilet stops then challenge your family with the maze. After you have completed this walk over to the Chinese Garden which has pagodas, ponds with turtles and goldfish and benches where you could stop for a packed lunch (it’s a good spot to get out of the heat of the day as the walk way is covered giving some welcome shade. After lunch head to the bird lake which has a large flamingo pond (pink birds what’s not to love?!) and then finally onto the large childrens play area (suitable for children 2-5 and 5-12) and behind it the discovery playground where you can play Prince and Princesses in the Turret there! There is also an indoor and outside swimming pool!

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The Flower Market

BeThe Flower Market is so pretty and is worth a visit: I would go during the week in the morning (before it gets too busy to push a push chair around!) It is not a big market it runs down one road and can be walked easily in half an hour at the bottom is the bird market which is a fascinating part of Hong Kong culture whether you agree with it or not. If your children really will not tolerate walking and looking at flowers there is a small play area adjacent to the market.

Which Family Pod?  Toddling around; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: There is a play area adjacent to the flower market so you could ask your littlies to walk the market street, with the reward of a play at the end!

 Hong Kong Science Museum

This is a big museum with its focus on learning about all things science through interactive displays: There is a world of mirrors, sounds, magnets, to name just a few of the areas. There also demonstrations around the Museum just for check for times at the reception. The focus here is learning through fun and you won’t be saying ‘don’t touch!’ every couple of minutes!! There are vending machines with snacks available but if you go out into the local area there are plenty of places to eat.

Which Family Pod?  Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Museums in Hong Kong are excellent, admission fees are minimal and most are free if you go on a Wednesday ( although this can make it busier).  Many of them cater well for young children with interactive areas.

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