Pulau Langkawi Guide

MakSituated 30km off the coast, at the northwestern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula is a cluster of 104 tropical islands known collectively as Langkawi.

The largest of these Pulau Langkawi, once a haven for pirates is now a well established premier island retreat.

 The belle of the ball......

Enhanced by its duty free status some of the Malaysia’s most luxurious hotels are here: such as The Datai & The Andaman situated next to Langkawi Golf Club. This is not a budget destination and is known for its many beaches, marina’s and sailing lifestyle.There are some truly stunning finds to be had here & we are keen to share those with you...

Which Family Pod?  Squidgy baby; Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip:  Most 5-star resorts back out onto private beaches, have a lunch and explore them all.

The Island...

The island at around 500 sqm: is still big enough to preserve its lush beauty, travel into the monkey filled mountainous interior and you will find that most of its inhabitants still live a traditional way of life.There are various splendid waterfalls and Telaga Air Panas hot springs, perfect for a day of exploration if your littlies feel the need to stretch their legs

Which Family Pod? Squidgy baby; Toddling around; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Board the Langkawi cable car for some breathtaking views of the islands, rural lowlands and the seas as far as Thailand. Take in the hillside flora, a bird's eye view of the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls and the occasional glimpse of the wildlife, including some high-flying birds.

Stunning Beach at Pantai Kok....

Pantai Kok lies on the far western stretch of Langkawi.This is the best beach on the island a large sweep of powdery white sand, with clear and shallow water. Quiet and secluded with a more intimate feel. Several scenes from Anna & the king were shot here. Eating out needn't be restricted to your resort, the areas of Pantai Cenang, Pantai Kok and Pantai Cengah are popular. Get them to go easy on the chilli for the littlies....

Tanjung Rhu beach....

On the North coast this gorgeous beach bends along the coastline past the Four Seasons Resort, and towards a backdrop of majestic rock formations and emerald green ocean. There are a few small shops selling clothing and batiks as well as several cheap, local restaurants offering delicious Malay dishes. Boat companies near the beach can organise trips around the small islands nearby as well as guided tours of the Kilim National Park.

Tiny Tip: The Four Seasons resort on Tanjung Rhu beach is stunning a feast for the senses, walk through the resort and out onto the white sand beach. Serai, which means “lemongrass” in Malay is a wonderful spot to take a snack whilst your littlies play in the sand. The restaurant’s elegant design, accentuated with stone and timber, wicker chandeliers, copper pots and wind chimes, perfectly complements the magnificent backdrop of lush greenery and the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea.

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