Slow slow - fast, probably the best way to sum up Laos way of life. These are the most chilled out adrenalin junkies in SE Asia.

Take a slow boat up the Mekong; sip a smoothie and watch monks collecting alms in Luang Prabang or knock it up a gear and sign up for a 6am adventure activity. This is a get up early, get to bed early kinda place. Tends to fit well with uber ickle urchins.

This is the most off the beaten-track we will recommend but for those who like a bit of adventure Laos is a gem. Many littlies are on the go here, so long as you come armed with the right attitudes and a dose of our parent prep, then you should have a ball.

hello Vientiane....
hello Luang Prabang....
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The Serious Stuff

Mekong River Taxi, Longtail Boat, Sawngthaew (colourful pickup), Lot doi saan (wooden bus), tuk tuk.
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Lao Meatball Sandwich inside a yummy baguette!






What to order for the littlies in

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Our "chill" rating is here to help you choose the right comfort zone for you and your family.

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Everything you need to know from vacinations to what to pack. Invaluable for any parent preparing to travel to Thailand with little ones. 







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Getting you through the various airports with your senses intact.


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Best time to visit is between November & February

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