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Lovina Beach is about 100 kilometers from southern tourist hotspots. Hiring a driver and car is probably the most hassle free way to get there with family in tow. Previously a backpacker retreat, these days it’s more popular with couples and families.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuta to Lovina Beach. A 12km long stretch of family-friendly beach located in north Bali. 
Fishermen at sunset...

Famous for its early morning dolphin-watching boat trips: Lovina also offers good snorkelling, diving, and trekking in the nearby mountains. Do not miss the opportunity to soak in hot springs and catch beautiful sunsets. With a wonderful variety of hotels, restaurants and bars located on (or very near) the calm beach, Lovina offers something for everyone. It is also a good base to take day trips to the nearby attractions of north and west Bali.Kalibukbuk is the place to head with the family in tow. You can enjoy a number of good eateries here.

Which Family Pod?  Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip:Dolphin trips are Lovina's special tourist attraction. There is no evidence that the dolphins are harmed by all the attention, but there is some suggestion that the boats are having to go further afield to see fewer dolphins. If you are still keen then buy a ticket for the 6-8am trip the day before. The boats can be rickety canoe like long boats, so a little life jacket is a MUST.

The Air Banjar (Panjar) hot springs

Located West of Lovina is an enchanting hot springs (sulphuric water) with stone carved mouths gushing water among a lush garden setting. With three public and one private pool. This is a fun alternative for a splash about.

Which Family Pod?  Toddling around; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: If the little ones rise early then go early, you will have the place to yourself before 10am.

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