Malaysia & Singapore

The Malay Peninsula is rich in culture, astonishing natural beauty and is home to some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.


A relatively easy dip into SE Asian travel with kids in tow.Manglish, the combination of Malay and English is widely spoken in this region and is a fun language that has been evolving ever since the end of the British rule. It's worth taking a look at this unique language before you leave so as to understand wat people are saying about you lah!

How about some of these as examples...
Ackchwurly – “Actually” used as a sentence starter
Baiwanfriwan – “buy one and you’ll get one free”, a sales ploy

Singlish (Singaporean English ) has been adopted in Singapore so travelling here is easy.

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The Serious Stuff

Taxi and Private Taxi, TukTuk, Songthaew, Train, Plane.
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Banana leaf rice -Simply Lovely!








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Wet Season - East (Heavy Nov - Feb) & West (brief Apr-Oct).