Mini Munchies - Hong Kong

The Chinese love their food, and with good reason. It is delicious! Choose from BBQ meats, crispy duck, noodles and Dim Sum. So pull up a chair grab a pair of chopsticks and dig in!!

Chinese use chopsticks to eat with. Give it a go, once you have mastered the chopstick your food will taste even better (I don't know why it just does!)

A short guide on what to order for your children (just while you find your feet!):

Dim Sum

Dim Sum are bite sized snacks served in steamer baskets. They are normally steamed or deep fried.There are a large variety to choose from, and you would normally order a few and share out amongst the family so you get to try lots of different ones. Some of the most popular dishes are:

  • Dumplings , Steamed fluffy buns (bau),

  • Spare ribs (char siu)

  • Glutinous rice (lotus leaf rice).


Dim Sum is eaten with chinese tea.. 


Littlie Factor: Plenty of choice, so you are sure to find one that your little one will love! 

Peking Duck

 This is a famous dish from Beijing but is eaten everywhere in China. In a restaurant you would normally order a whole duck, this is bought out and carved up at your table. The skin is thin and crispy and so delicious!! This is served with thin pancakes that you wrap around the duck,cucumber and hoisin sauce.


Littlie Factor: A hands on dish that is fun to make!

BBQ Pork (Char Sui)

You can get this meal everywhere in Hong Kong and it is bloomin' delicious!! The meat is sweet and succulent with a gorgeous char grilled taste! served with plain rice and pak choi -Yum!


Littlie Factor: Sweet yummy meat - if your littlie cannot chew meat yet just stir a bit of the sauce into the rice and let them try.

Egg Tart

This pudding does not sound very Chinese, but the egg tart was bought to Hong Kong via Macau (where the portuguese introduced them). Sweet delicious egg custard filling surrounded by pastry.


Littlie Factor: Sweet custard tarts what's not to love?!


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