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Food in Thailand can be very spicy so always try the food you order for your children first, just to try the spice levels! What Thais consider a little spicy may well blow western palettes socks off!

Thai people use a spoon and a fork to eat (very child friendly!). You use the fork to scoop the food onto the spoon and you eat from the spoon... simple!


A couple of helpful Phrases when eating:


“Ped nit noy” – Just a little spicy


“My ped” – No spice.

A short guide on what to order for your children (just while you find your feet!)

Pineapple Rice

 Sweet and yummy! This is a savoury rice dish with sweet bits of pineapple mixed in. The other ingredients include chicken, raisins, toasted cashew nuts


Littlie Factor: Served in half a pineapple

Chicken wrapped in a pandan leaf parcel

Let your little one unwrap their food present and taste the yummy chicken treat inside!


Littlie Factor: Your very own food parcel!

Rot Sai Mai

Thai Candy Floss. Lots of spun strands Rot Sai Mai – Thai Candy Flossmake a delicious sweet treat snack!


Littlie Factor: Candy Floss.....say no more!


Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice has to be one of the mose delicious puds out there! 


Littlie Factor: Sweet soft mango and delicious creamy rice!


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