Mini Munchies - Vietnam

Welcome to the land of healthy food. And even better it tastes delicious!

Vietnamese food is full of lovely ingredients that are flavoured using fresh herbs and go ahead and have that second helping!! And With a sprinkling of french inspired foods here and there, vietnamese food should be an instant hit with the littlies!

A short guide on what to order for your children (just while you find your feet!):

Crispy Spring Rolls

Made using rice paper, so they are extra crunchy and crispy. With a variety of delicious fillings.


Littlie Factor : Extra crispy and crunchy, these spring rolls should make the fussiest little eater happy!

Pho Noodle Soup

 Slurpy noodles in a delicious broth, normally served with either beef or chicken.


Littlie Factor:Pho is served with a side plate of ingredients to add to your broth. Add bean sprouts to make it extra crunchy or a squirt of lime to add flavour - Your own mini science experiment!!

Vietnamese Baguette (Banh Mi)

A vietnamese sandwich with a choice of delicious fillings from grilled chicken, seasoned pork belly to candy floss!!


Littlie Factor: Candy floss sandwich! Say no more!!

Che Chuoi (Tapioca and banana pudding)

A very popular dessert in Vietnam.


Littlie Factor: A sweet, delicious creamy milk pudding with banana on top! What child can resist?


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