Nha Trang Guide

Nha-Trang is a buzzing sea side resort. Lively and Urban with lots to do!

Nha-Trang has lots of day trips for children and, of course, beaches. It is not a quiet place so if you are looking for a beach break with amusement factor this could be for you!

Nah Trang

This seaside resort town is situated on the Central Coast of Vietnam: Tran Phu is a lovely part of the City with a waterfront promenade,palm trees and kilometres of beaches! The Beaches in Nha Trang can be littered, and if you are after beaches without the Hotel backdrop you could explore the beaches that are a bit further afield:

Bai Duong Beach, Bai Dai Beach and Doc Let Beach

Which Family Pod?  squidgy baby: toddling around : energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: If you do go out for a meal in the evening please be aware of pick pockets

Other places to explore....

Other things to explore:


Hot Springs and Mud Bath


Thap BaWaterfalls


Vin Pearl LandWater Park, cable car ride, aquarium, gardens

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