Parent Prep

Ok, so taking children on holiday is on a par with a major military manoeuvre! The key to a stress (ish) free start to your holiday is.......Preparation, Preperation........Preparation!

We have written a step-by-step guide, full of top tips, to help you kick start your holiday planning. So when you start out on your journey, all you need to worry about is how many times you are going to have to answer the question, "Are we nearly there yet?!"

Two Months before

Vaccinations (Jabby-Jabs)

Before booking your holiday double check if any vaccinations are needed for the country that you are visiting. Don’t leave this research to the last minute as some vaccinations require a series of jabs over a number of weeks. These vaccinations can also add an unforeseen cost onto your holiday – Boo! But they will keep you and your littlies safe – Yay! 


Travel Insurance

Sort yourself with a good family Insurance, and then travel around safe in the knowledge that if anything does not go to plan you have a Plan B!



Check to see if a Visa is required to travel to your destination!



Check your Passports for expiry dates and also pages left in them. Countries normally like six months left on Passports when entering their country, otherwise you could end up in a mad panic before your hols! Never a good thing!

One Month before

Start thinking about things that may make your life easier when travelling with children, whether it is a game that will keep the littlies occupied on the plane or a fab baby sling –Take a Mooch at our Top Littlies Travel Essentials for some inspiration! Leaving yourself a bit of time allows for delivery times if you order something online.


Tiny Tip: Do some research on how you are going to get from the Airport to your Hotel.

One Week before

Packing... Packing and more Packing!

How exciting your holiday is nearly here! With some top tips and allowing yourself a bit of time it needn’t be a painful experience! OK still a bit painful so as you pack say the packing mantra; “Beautiful Beach, Sunny Sun, chirpy children” and repeat :-)Avoid throwing things in randomly! Have a plan...

The Big Suitcase

Pack outfits individuallyPack outfits together. For example; start with a pair of shorts, fold a t-shirt in half and place on top of the shorts, then place socks and pants into the middle of the t-shirt and roll all of the clothes together.This way you avoid constantly rummaging through the suitcase for a pair of socks or pants or a top that goes with a particular pair of shorts!! (been there done that have the messy disorganised suitcase to show for it!.


If you are having a beach break roll all swim shorts, sun hats (always take at least 2 sunhats they always get taken by the sunhat monster!!), arm bands and plastic sunglasses into a towel, keeping all beach things together. The last thing to pack (and therefore they are the first thing you see when you open your suitcase) is PJ's for the first night. There is nothing worse than arriving at your hotel at night and trying to find PJ’s for sleepy children!! (by the way if you do not follow these tips and you are looking for PJ’s they will be right at the bottom of your suitcase for maximum stress!!).


Put your childrens toothpaste and brushes into a zip lock bag and wrap their PJ’s around them so you have instant bedtime routine at your finger tips! Also it is handy to put some luggage scales in your suitcase for the return leg – you always end up with more on the way back with no way of weighing until you get to check in ( a tense moment!!). If you can weigh beforehand and you are over the weight allowance, you have a bit of time to think about what is not essential to take home!

Hand Luggage

Check online the dimensions that your Airline allows. Try not to overpack you need to be able to manage your bags and your children! There are some really handy luggage gadgets (Trunki backpack and Trunki Suitcase - Take a Mooch at our Top Littlies Travel Essentials (Coming Soon!) for some more information).

Squidgy Baby hand luggage

  • Nappies (always pack more than you think you will need) just in case of delays at the Airport

  • Baby Wipes

  • Nappy Sacks

  • Barrier cream (also good for your hands and lips when your skin feels all dried out on the plane)

  • Portable changing matBibsCartons of milk formula (always try these a few days before you leave for holiday to get your baby used to a new taste)

  • Squeezable food pouches

  • Muslins

  • Baby food

  • Baby spoon

  • Spare plastic bags (you never know when a baby will spill or be sicky down theirs, or your clothes!!)

  • Change of clothes

  • Dummy

  • Blanket/Gro bag

  • Favourite toy

  • Teething ring

Toddling around/Energetic explorers hand luggage

  • Sippy Cup/Juice cup

  • Spare clothes (a jumper in case the Plane gets chilly)

  • If a long haul flight some comfy PJ’s

  • Snacks (lots of them!!)

  • Mini Musings Activity Sheets!!

  • Books/Magazine

  • A brand new game/Toy

  • A lollipop to suck during takeoff and landing

Medicine Bag

  • Children Paracetamol and Ibuprofen sachets

  • Plasters

  • Antibacterial Wipes

  • Bandage

  • Imodium

  • Rehydration sachets

  • Insect bite cream

.......And last but not least....You!

  • Travel Documents (Passports,Tickets, Travel Insurance, Addresses, Hotel Confirmation, Car Hire Info and emergency phone numbers)

  • Mobile Phone (buy a local SIM card when you get to your destination to avoid roaming charges)

  • Wallet

  • Foreign Currency and travellers cheques

  • Camera

  • Snacks for yourself!

  • Pashmina (to cover any spills or sicky mess from baby), or just to keep you warm if the Aircraft gets cold

  • Baby carrier

  • PenMagazine/Book... you can dream! :-)

  • Spare Top

  • Paracetamol

  • House and car keys (very handy on your return!)

  • Stickers to hand out for when your littlie is extra well behaved!

The Final Countdown....

This is the time to start getting really excited, holiday time, Yay!!

Start to talk to your energetic explorers about where you are going, show them on a map. Take a look at our funky Mini Maps and talk about the pictures and what you might find in the country you are visiting.

Print off our Mini Musings pages!! Lots of activities for the children to do on the flight, in a restaurant or in your hotel room. Have a go at learning a couple of phrases so you can all say please and thank yous – this goes a long way and encourages the littlies to embrace the culture.  Double check your flights with your airline 24 hours before you leave to make sure none of the flight times have been changed. Print out your boarding passes and any Hotel Reservations!


* And don’t forget your Passports!

At the Airport

Up, up and away!!

If your children have never been to an airport before it can be a bit overwhelming. Have a little chat with them about checking in, going through Security, which is a tad boring but after that you can go on the hunt for a Play Area for a Play!! (see our Airport Guide for everything you need to know on the fabulous Airports in South East Asia!)


Split up your time at the Airport go for a drink, have a look around, discover the play area or family lounges, have a bite to eat and then find your plane and finish with a bit of plane spotting and activity work. Always leave yourself plenty of time to get to the gate the last thing you will need before getting on a flight is convincing a toddler to hurry!! You could end up with a melt down before even getting on the plane!

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