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Thai Happy Taxi!

Now we love a trip to Bangkok, the amazing food, beautiful people, fabulous beaches. But when we arrive at the airport the thought of having to haggle with Taxi drivers is not at all appealing. I started to research taxi companies that have a good reputation in Bangkok and Thai Happy Taxi popped up! I needed a Company that could take me and my family down to Dolphin Bay (this is a 3/4 hour journey and so we needed a good safe driver). The company also hire out car seats which is great if you are travelling with children. They have a good choice of vehicles and we opted for the VIP van which is more comfortable for such a long drive and gave us plenty of space. The driver turned up early and met us in our Hotel reception. The van itself was clean, had seatbelts (this is not always the case in Thailand), and water for us all. The driver was friendly and drove really well, not too fast which is my pet hate! And even turned some of the seats around in the van to make our ride even more comfortable.

The children loved all the lights and we even had a disco ball!Now if that's not VIP i don't know what is!!

We were so impressed we used them for our return journey to Bangkok and a couple of days later to the Airport. To the airport we used a family MPV, if using this car just email the company if you have four people travelling so they can arrange a car that has a seatbelt for all back seat passengers. Some of the models in Thailand have a 2.5 seat configuration in the back, which has no seat belt (and isn't very comfortable for the middle passenger).

You can book with the Thai Happy Taxi online and if you have any questions just email them! All representatives speak good english and get back to you very quickly. So if you are next in Bangkok, take the stress out of any journey (long or short!!).

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