Siem Reap Guide

Wide tree-lined boulevards and colonial mansions were not the first thing that I expected the first time I visited lovely Siem Reap.

As friendly as its inhabitants, Siem Reap whilst home to the wondrous Angkor Wat still retains a small village feel. The locals are, as always, extremely keen to ensure your visit is a successful one and they really do love having fun with your littlies.


Easy to spend time here, there is plenty for little ones to enjoy.

Spectacular sights and sounds of Siem Reap...

Truly a wonder to behold, with the mystical temples of Angkor, nifty night markets full of twinkly lights and fun play things (much more relaxing than the usual hustle and bustle of a SE Asian night market.)


Butterfly gardens, silk farm & plenty of yummy children friendly eateries : We think that Siem Reap really does work for some energetic explorer families. As usual getting around is not always easy with a push-chair in tow, but it's a popular place for many European families. It's not unusual to see little ones in Baby Bjorn type carriers exploring the wide boulevards and nibbling a healthy snack in the multitude of eateries..

Which Family Pod?  Squidgy baby; Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: With some of the friendliest Tuk-tuk drivers we have ever encountered, transport is easy and plentiful, perfect with kids in tow. If you are keen to pre-book though this can be done via

Angkor Wat...

 Tree climbing (giant tree roots, think Tomb Raider), giggling at and counting the giant faces carved into Angkor Thom, exploring ruins and imagining how these buildings were built without machinery, find the Stegosaurus or is it a Rhino carving in Ta Phrom or simply enjoy the ride in via tuk-tuk passing monkeys and amusing statues on the bridge...OK so this place will be crowded, the crowds do tend to ease off by 10am, although this for very good reason, its getting hot out there... Flight of the Gibbon Angkor, for big adventurers (older sprogs only!) if time out is not an issue, this is a spectacle not to miss out on (if you have a head for heights) see the 7th wonder as the monkeys see it!... (find out more)

Which Family Pod?  Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Children under 12 enter the Angkor Archeological Park for free .

Enough of the culture, bring on kids fun...

Kids World - Toy shop, restaurant and indoor play centre.


Butterfly Garden is a winner -


Paint your own pottery - Siem Reap is known for it's Khmer ceramic centres (See visitor info).


Peace Cafe - Close to the night market, littlies can enjoy swings and sand-pit in a lovely garden (find out more).

Tiny Tip: If Speed boats, ferries and outriggers are available for rental, use reputable companies like Bluewater Express for the speed boat services.

The pretty town comes alive at night......

A lovely stroll, enjoy the river lights and the laid-back night-market area, great for food and drink with a bit of retail therapy that you can easily enjoy with the little ones.


Tiny Tip: A Hotel with a pool is a MUST...Lovely thing about little Siem Reap is that nipping back to your pad for a dip or quick snooze for kids never seems like a chore, quick journey on a tuk-tuk and home. Accommodation is some of the most stylish but also good value we have found in the region, might as well make the most of it...