South Islands Guide

Pulau Sibu is a small island off Malaysia's eastern coast, facing the South China Sea. 

It is made up of several islands namely Sibu Besar Island, Sibu Tengah Island, Sibu Kukus Island and Sibu Hujung Island.Pulau Tioman, Tioman Island is the largest in a volcanic group of islands also off the east coast.Family friendly, these little islands serve as weekend getaways for local & expats living in Singapore. Jet-setters come over to discover these tropical island hideaways.

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 Pulau Tioman the Mythical Bali H'ai.........

Ever since the 1970’s, when Tioman was voted one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world: by Time magazine, crowds have been flocking to its palm-fringed shores, in search of the mythical Bali H’ai.  According to legend, Tioman Island’s origins lie in the flight of a dragon princess who fell in love with the surrounding waters and decided to settle there permanently by transforming her body into an island. The twin peaks, Tioman’s famous landmarks are said to resemble the ears of the legendary princess.


Getting there and away... Express boats complete the trip out to the island in less than two hours and several daily flights from Singapore are available.

Which Family Pod?  Squidgy baby; Toddling around ; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Like the rest of the Malaysian peninsula East coast, Tioman is affected by the monsoon between November and February, while the whole island winds down dramatically with many places closing.

The Island...

The island at around 500 sqm: is still big enough to preserve its lush beauty, travel into the monkey filled mountainous interior and you will find that most of its inhabitants still live a traditional way of life.There are various splendid waterfalls and Telaga Air Panas hot springs, perfect for a day of exploration if your littlies feel the need to stretch their legs

Which Family Pod? Squidgy baby; Toddling around; Energetic explorers

Tiny Tip: Board the Langkawi cable car for some breathtaking views of the islands, rural lowlands and the seas as far as Thailand. Take in the hillside flora, a bird's eye view of the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls and the occasional glimpse of the wildlife, including some high-flying birds.

Lush tropical jungle covers about 12,000 hectares of the island: and countless mountain streams and waterfalls sustain the many protected species of mammals and birds. The waters around the island are filled with corals of all shapes and colours and home to a vast diversity of sea creatures, including two species of marine turtle. There are a few excellent beaches on Tioman, and these curves of golden sand are usually tucked away at the edges of villages or fronting one of the many resorts.

Tiny Tip: If you fancy a stress free trip Berjaya Air offer a 40minute flight from Singapore Changi Airport out to Tioman..

Pirate Island, Pulau Sibu......

This island is closest to the mainland: en-route to Johor Bahru and Singapore it is the most popular especially with young families getting away from their busy city lives in Singapore. There are fine beaches and the islands narrow waist can be crossed in a few minutes, revealing a double bay known as twin bay. The huge monitor lizards and butterflies make up for the lack of mountains and jungle.


Getting there and away... Most of the islands resorts operate their own pre-arranged boats from Tanjung Leman. Less hassle with little ones in tow! It takes an hour to reach the island and transport must be pre-arranged. Private hire cars can be arranged from Singapore Airport to boats at Tanjong Leman and costs around RM 480 (up to 7 seater with lap belts only) set price with 15% tax & service. Takes around 3 hours. Public taxi ride from Singapore Airport to Tanjong Leman for boats to Pulau Sibu will take around 1hr across the causeway (Bridge from Singapore into Malaysia at Johor Bahru) in an airport taxi (to Larkin Bus Terminus in Johor Bahru- there is a long distance taxi rank there) then 2 hours from the causeway in a light blue long distance taxi to Tanjong Leman or Tenggaroh Plantation - South of Mersing (alternative name most taxi drivers know) Costs from the Causeway are around RM 150 (depending how hard you barter) Public Buses are also available. We can find out more detailed routes for you. Once arriving at the jetty you will need to pay the jetty tax of RM5 per person (under 4's go free)

Tiny Tip: The There are toilets at the jetty with a small charge. If your children touch the cats there get them to wash their hands immediately! (Sounds a bit drastic but we have it on good authority that its essential) Sandflies can be an issue on the islands so stock up on repellant!