Thailand is amazing, frustrating, fragrant... It's an assault on every sense and can relax muscles you never even knew you had!

It is a country of paradoxes and if you can enter Thailand with the right mind set you will never want to leave, warts and all! In Thailand this mind set is known as ‘sanuk’, and it means deriving happiness from every moment, good and bad. Travelling with children can be bloomin' hard work and so every tip here is to help you enjoy every precious moment travelling with your children.

The Serious Stuff

Taxi and Private Taxi, TukTuk, Songthaew, Train, Plane.
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Mini Munchies

Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves - Gorgeous!








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Our "chill" rating is here to help you choose the right comfort zone for you and your family.

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Everything you need to know from vacinations to what to pack. Invaluable for any parent preparing to travel to Thailand with little ones. 








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Getting you through the airports with your senses intact.


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Tropical and humid, most of the year.

North Thailand Nov-May : Dry Season. May-Nov: Wet Season. South Thailand:

West Coast: April-Oct: Wet Season and Nov-March:Dry Season.

East Coast: Sep-Dec: Wet Season and Jan-Aug:Dry Season. April is the hottest month !