Transport in Cambodia

Getting there, getting away, getting around and getting on, can be part of the magic and wonder for littlies when travelling in South East Asia.

 I know my one and four year old love nothing more than a windy jeepney ride on a hot summers day or a fun buzz around a new town on a brightly coloured tuk-tuk. Cambodia's greatest cities have been shaped by the mighty Mekong and so river transport becomes the norm. (Beware though Mekong speedboats can be little more than a surf-board with an outboard!)

Taxi & Private Taxi

When catching a taxi in Cambodia, the driver is obliged to put his Meter on. If your driver refuses to do not get into an argument about it, smile, leave the taxi and find another one, there are plenty of Taxis in the towns and it is rare to wait for more than a couple of minutes.

Tiny Tip:To If you are hot and stressed out and the last thing you feel like doing is bartering with a taxi driver, head to the lobby of a big hotel. They will summon a taxi for you and tell them your destination, they also take down the taxi details which normally means you have no meter issues either!

Private Taxi

If you are travelling for a longer distance (for example Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville) you may want to use a Private Taxi firm. The price is fixed at the start for a single or return fare. ALWAYS get a receipt at time of payment.

Un-Metered Taxis

This Taxis also come in many unrecognizable forms, including three-wheeled buggies (Tuk-tuk & Jamboh), with noisy two-stroke engines, elegant rickshaws (Cyclos) powered by a man on a bicycle. None of these have meters, so all prices must be bargained for and fixed before you set off.

River Taxi

In many riverine towns or regions it’s also common to travel by taxi boat or private river boat charters.(Note: speed boats are sometimes just a surfboard with an out board & extremely dangerous)


Cambodia has many domestic routes to get you around the country. Of course this is the quickest way to get around the country so if time is pressing this is for you!


Cambodian airport tax: Domestic airport tax US$ 6 / International airport tax from REP US$ 25 / International airport tax from PNH US$ 25 (for current rates find out more HERE)


Some Airlines that fly around Cambodia include:Cambodian Airlines


Domestic flights by Cambodia Angkor Airs (CAA) & Cambodia Angkor AirVietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Bangkok Air & Laos Airlines also offer routes into neighbouring countries (Note: Laos Airlines... on its website the airline says it still uses Harbin Y-7s and Y-12s on “routes to remote areas”. It’s very unlikely you’ll want to go to these destinations, but think carefully about boarding these flights, the rest of the fleet have been upgraded and is now one of the safest airlines in the region)